based on a cryptocomputer
created to protect
personal data & finances



Our mission is to design
the safest innovative
devices and systems to
protect personal data
and client’s finances all
around the World.


360° secured

The World’s first decentralized
ecosystem based on a pocket crypto
computer with built-in cryptostorage,
providing unprecedented protection
against hacker attacks, malicious
programs and unauthorized access to



The CWP Mentor Wagan Sarukhanov
speaks about the project on Aurora
Blockchain Capital channel.


OLED Display
Quad-Core CPU
& 16Gb Flash

OS Linux Debian
Runs on PC/Laptop/TV
Compatible with Win, Mac & Linux


token generation event

Token CWT-P
Token for sale 15.000.000(3%)
Token CWT-T
Token for sale 250.000.000(50%)
Sales start AUGUST 2018
1 CWT-T $0.20



Yoji Kishi

Rare type of High-edge Japanese technology specialist with wide international marketing experience.
Shin-Nippon Research (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. Vice-President
International Society of Stem Cells Development , Director
5hz Medical Supplies (Xiamen, China) Co., Ltd. Vice-president
Kintaro Cells Power Co., Member of Board of Director
Ryukyukan International Kobudo Karate Federation, Honor Member

Yoji Kishi
CVO Alexey Gladkov

Kintaro Power Cells Japan President MapMess Inc. Regional Director Founding director of the research company AV-Cells Singapore 30 years of experience in running own business 20 years of doing business in Singapore and Japan

Alexey Gladkov
Maxim Maslich

Microsoft Certified Professional Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist Exam 511 Blockchain and smart contracts developer An expert in the management of the software development process, the construction of distributed, highly loaded and secure systems Development of transport monitoring systems (cargo, passenger cars, special equipment, passenger transportation, weight control, production line control, taxi park automation) for Alrosa, GAZPROM, Lukoil, Rusal, RZD, Satori, Autoline, city taxi.

Maxim Maslich
Software Engineer Artur Enokyan

Senior JavaScript Developer Full-Stack Certified Middle End Android Developer Certified Middle End iOS Developer Java EE, С#, PHP, Lua, Python, GO developer, Unity 3D developer, Expert in developing Highload applications Custom Trading Platforms Development Development of special software for major retailers Cryptography, electronic document management Development of special software for the Ministry of Defense of Russia Development of special software and participation in the development of software and hardware for federal agencies of the Russian Federation Development of special software - for monitoring and managing network security Development of implemented collector agents for analyzing and collecting data on network and peripheral PC activity

Software Engineer
Artur Enokyan
Anton Polyansky

Hardware Engineer Embedded Software Engineer Microcomputer Systems Expert Development of circuit solutions, trace of printed circuit boards and development of embedded software for thermal imaging devices Development of circuit design solutions, trace of printed circuit boards for low-level devices of the Quinta music recognition system Development of circuit solutions and trace of printed circuit boards for Smart House devices Development of microminiature biometric sensors and processor control system for bioelectrical upper limb prosthesis Development of embedded data transmission systems based on Wi-Fi, GSM and Bluetooth technologies

Head of Hardware Production
Anton Polyansky
Denis Kuznetsov

Lead Mathematician, Senior Architect Developer
Lead Mathematician, Senior Architect Developer Lead Mathematician, Senior Architect Developer Embedded Systems Programmer Expert in Machine Learning and AI Development of an agent for the conduct of non-targeted dialogue in the banking system Development Telegram-bots with AI support Embedded Software Development for Quinta Music Recognition System Devices Co-author of a patent for music recognition algorithms

Lead Mathematician
Denis Kuznetsov
Anton Maslov

Senior System Analyst, PHP-Developer Senior System Analyst, PHP-Developer Optimization and automation of DAICHI logistics business processes System analytics of multimodule high-loaded systems with various integrations for METRO C & C, Lenta The development of a supply planning system for TOC (Theory of Constraints) for the production of IKEA, integrated with 1C Product development and positioning management

Senior System Analyst
Anton Maslov
Oleg Sarukhanov

Co-founder and COO of Glory Event Agency LLC., In event & marketing since 2006, experience with international brands on major projects (BIC, General Electric)

Oleg Sarukhanov


Ph.D., MBA/Alexander Podelko

An expert in software development and testing Member of the Board of Directors of the Computer Measurement Group Oracle, Consulting Member of Technical Staff Hyperion, Distinguished Performance Engineer Aetna, Sr. Architect II Alexander coordinates the sales and production of the product for the US market, the management of the project's branch in the United States, the interaction with major US partner companies that provide scientific and technical support for the project. Alexander has 30 years of experience in software testing, which allows him to organize the interaction of the project with the largest players in the software testing market, such as QAMentor.

Ph.D., MBA
Alexander Podelko
MSc / Serguei Sagalovitch

An expert in software development including design and implementation of device drivers and embedded systems, as well as graphics and compute solutions with the strict robust and security requirements. Serguei has experience working with customers on product delivery.

Serguei has experience working with small and big companies including Nortel and AMD in positions of Team Lead as well as Principal Member of Technical Staff.

Serguei has experience working with scientific organizations including University of Vienna.

Serguei has been co-authors of several patent applications.

Serguei has more than 25 years of experience.

Principal Member of Technical Staff at AMD
Serguei Sagalovitch
CEO Flexlab
Wagan Sarukhanov

CEO Flexlab Blockchain researcher and expert 30 years of experience in contract manufacturing of electronics and software More than 20 projects in various industries Mentor Wagan's competencies help the project in the business development and technical issues of product development and manufacturing

CEO Flexlab
Wagan Sarukhanov
Executive Business Development, Universa Corporation
Nikolay Fedorovskikh

Over 11 years experience in TVMedia, VAS & Data field. Strong focus on Telecom/Media with expertise in DVB/IPTV/Online Video (OTT), VAS, CDN. Creating for overall architecture and engineering of complex TV & Pilot Blockchain projects. Proven track in identifying customer needs and implementing technical strategies, to secure long-term revenue growth on TV/Media markets (IPTV, VOD, OTT, CDN).

Executive Business Development, Universa Corporation
Nikolay Fedorovskikh
Founder & CEO at
Yuriy Myshinsky

Enterpreneur with large business and successful BlockChain startup experience

Founder & CEO at
Yuriy Myshinsky
Dmitry Ryzhkov Dmitry Ryzhkov
Co-founder of Lune Case
Dmitry Ryzhkov

The businessman, the crypto-currency investor, the co-founder of a successful international brand Lune Case, ICO adviser, a pool of more than 15,000,000 $

Co-founder of Lune Case
Dmitry Ryzhkov